Residency Guidelines

The following guidelines outline the goals and expectations for residents of LINCS’ supportive independent living community. Interested participants should complete the Request for Residency Form which enables the selection committee to properly assess each applicant’s interests, abilities and fit for the community. You will be contacted by the selection committee to gather additional information. Our goal is to select residents who will live successfully in the LINCS community and surrounding neighborhood with as much independence as possible. Request for Residency forms should be submitted to the address or email noted at the bottom of the form. Submitting the form does not commit you in any way, but allows LINCS to determine whether a particular community is a good fit for you. Selection guidelines:

  1. The LINCS review committee will review submissions in order to determine:
    • the extent to which you want and are able to live independently.
    • the number of supports you have in place to be successful.
    • your commitment to filling your day with meaningful activities, including paid work and volunteer opportunities.
    • your willingness to live with a roommate (if desired) and LINCS ability to find a compatible match.
    • your desire to actively participate in planned LINCS social events.
    • your desire to integrate into the surrounding neighborhood and community.
    • your family’s willingness to participate in the larger LINCS community to build a fully engaged, supportive community.
    • whether you and/or your family are able to pay monthly rent, utilities and financial support towards the LINCS Community Builder.
    • whether your transportation needs can be met in the Community (including your own transportation, public transportation or willingness to learn)
  2. Applicants who seem to best fit the LINCS home/community will be asked to meet with one or more of the selection committee members for an in depth interview.
  3. Selected individuals will be invited to the pilot LINCS home in Lansing (or other suitable property) to assess the suitability of the living space relative to their lifestyle and to get a feel for the surrounding neighborhood.
  4. All applicants must pass a criminal background check and drug screen.


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