Our mission is to integrate adults with disabilities into their communities while maximizing their independence and positive outcomes.


We seek to provide a network of support for families and a cohesive community of supportive living for our adult children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Like all parents, we have hopes and dreams for our adult children to live happy and healthy independent lives, to develop meaningful social relationships, and to have appropriate work that allows them to contribute positively to society. We believe that adults with developmental disabilities and their families are uniquely qualified to make decisions about long-term housing and community involvement and should be important partners in the development of community solutions that will help them reach their potentials and live full and satisfying lives. We are interested in giving our adult children maximum decision making in a world that more often tells them the restrictions of their options rather than the vastness of their possibilities. We seek to help them find the best living arrangement for them as individuals, within the structure of a loving and supportive community. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong, on-going foundation of support, resources and commitment that will endure and offer security to families over the long run, when we are no longer able to personally participate in our children’s lives and care.


Family Support
LINCS seeks to create a self-sustaining network of families who will support each other and their adult children with developmental disabilities through shocial and educational opportunities.

Intentional Community Housing
We are partnering with housing providers and Community Mental Health to develop small, closely clustered housing communities that can provide a sense of attachment and belonging for our adult children. Housing options may take many forms and will be directed by the desires of the individuals and their families. Each “community” will consist of a minimum of 8 individuals seeking to build intentional community with each other, coordinated by an on-site “Community Builder” who will provide support and create social opportunities with the residents.

We seek to partner with other organizations and agencies within the larger mid-Michigan community to develop and provide appropriate and engaging opportunities for our adult children, including social engagement, continuing education and meaningful employment.


* Families seeking to support each other in our journeys by intentionally creating community through social, recreational and educational events.

* Friends, individuals, businesses and employers who want to contribute to and participate in this “intentional community of support.”

* “Community Builders” - individuals providing on-site support and facilitating social events for residents living within LINCS communities.

* Other organizations and agencies dedicated to supporting independent living for adults with developmental disabilities by providing:
- continuing education in independent living
- access to job training and appropriate and engaging employment
- personal life coaching to help individuals reach their highest potential with maximum independence within the greater community
- assistance in funding and organization of the LINCS independent living communities
-help in accessing services from various local, state and federal agencies and their private partners


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